Enriching New Zealand's culture and identity

Budget 2018 strengthens New Zealand's culture and identity through investment in Māori development, arts, culture and heritage, defence and internal affairs.

The enriching New Zealand's culture and identity package provides $491 million of new operating funding and $43 million of capital funding. This includes funding in the following key areas:

Crown Māori relations and Māori development



Budget 2018 includes funding to support the new Crown Māori relations portfolio and enable work to be progressed on key projects. It also includes funding to develop and test programmes that are focused on improving outcomes for rangatahi (18 to 25-year-olds, in particular Māori) who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs), address challenges associated with Māori freehold land and provides resources to Māori housing providers to support papakāinga development and repair.

New Zealand's arts, culture and heritage





Budget 2018 provides significant investment to celebrate our history, culture and identity through initiatives including funding the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage and Armistice Day commemorations. It also includes a boost for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to build capability. We are increasing support to New Zealand musicians to take our music to the rest of the world and setting aside funding to implement any immediate recommendations from the Ministerial Advisory Group on Public Media.

Defence and internal affairs





Budget 2018 funding will mean New Zealand's Defence Force can continue making meaningful contributions to global security and peacekeeping efforts, and respond effectively to events like natural disasters at home and abroad. Funding is also provided to support system-wide digital and data initiatives to support the Government to meet key commitments including more open government, strengthened democracy and greater public participation.

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