Protecting our natural resources

There is increasing pressure on our natural resources. Budget 2018 supports investment to improve the way these resources are managed and to enhance sustainability.

The protecting our natural resources package provides $436 million of new operating funding and $213 million of capital funding. This includes funding in the following key areas:

Biodiversity, forestry and conservation





Budget 2018 invests significantly in conservation and biodiversity. This includes strengthening the Department of Conservation's capability, eradicating predators and protecting New Zealand's unique biodiversity. Provincial Growth Fund funding supports the planting of one billion trees.

Climate change, biosecurity and environmental protection





Climate change is our greatest environmental challenge. Budget 2018 responds by establishing the Green Investment Fund to stimulate $1 billion of private investment in high-value, low-carbon industries and clean technology. Funding has been set aside for setting up a Climate Change Commission and biosecurity funding is increased to protect our natural resources and safeguard our country.

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