Taking action on child poverty, housing and homelessness

Child poverty and housing are at the heart of the Government's priorities. Budget 2018 builds on the $5.5 billion investment made through the Families Package as part of the 100-Day Plan.

The child poverty, housing and homelessness package provides $813 million of new operating funding and $369 million of capital funding. This includes funding in the following key areas:

Child poverty, housing and homelessness





Every New Zealander deserves a healthy and safe home. Budget 2018 makes a significant investment to increase public housing by more than 6,000 homes over the next four years to address the severe shortage of public housing. We are targeting chronic homelessness by strengthening the Housing First initiative and expanding it beyond the main centres by 550 places, with the same tailored wrap-around support. Funding is also provided to implement the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act and insulation grants for eligible owner occupiers.



We are extending free GP visits to under-14s, extending the provision of clothing support to children on the Orphan's Benefit and Unsupported Child's Benefit, setting up a new Child Poverty Unit and continuing funding to the KidsCan and KickStart programmes.

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