My Tax Dollars

My taxable income is


per year

The amount I pay in income tax per year is approximately $0

Health $0
Education $0
Social Security* (excluding NZ Superannuation, Income-related Rents and Accommodation Assistance) $0
New Zealand Superannuation* $0
Housing support* $0
Core government services $0
Finance costs $0
Law and order $0
Transport and communications $0
Economic and industrial services $0
Defence $0
Other $0

The chart below shows core Crown expenses for the 2018/19 forecast. Click on the names of the categories to add or remove them from the chart.

Core Crown expenses

* Social Security as presented in the Economic and Fiscal Update includes New Zealand Superannuation and Housing Related Benefits (Income-related Rents and Accommodation Assistance).

Disclaimer: The My Tax Dollars interactive calculator is only an approximation of how an individual's income tax may be spent. It does not attempt to cover a more complex range of income sources. The New Zealand Treasury does not guarantee the accuracy of the results of any calculation as they pertain to an individual's statutory tax liability. If a greater level of certainty is required, advice from a suitably qualified professional advisor should be obtained. The distributional information included is based on Household Economic Survey data sourced from Statistics New Zealand.

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