The Wellbeing Budget

The Wellbeing Budget

How does Budget 2019 deliver a wellbeing approach?

The Coalition Government is proud to deliver the country's first Wellbeing Budget. It represents a significant change from how Budgets have previously been designed, developed and presented (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 – Developing a Wellbeing Budget

Figure 1 – Development of initiatives in a Budget.

The Wellbeing Budget focuses on five priority areas where evidence tells us there are the greatest opportunities to make real differences to the lives of New Zealanders:

  • Taking mental health seriously – Supporting mental wellbeing for all New Zealanders, with a special focus on under 24-year-olds
  • Improving child wellbeing – Reducing child poverty and improving child wellbeing, including addressing family violence
  • Supporting Māori and Pasifika aspirations – Lifting Māori and Pacific incomes, skills and opportunities
  • Building a productive nation – Supporting a thriving nation in the digital age through innovation, social and economic opportunities
  • Transforming the economy – Creating opportunities for productive businesses, regions, iwi and others to transition to a sustainable and low-emissions economy.
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