The Wellbeing Budget

Improving child wellbeing

Initiatives: Ensuring our children are safe and nurtured

Enhancing Services to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation Across Our Cyber Border

$7.6 million operating
$2.7 million capital

This initiative aims to: reduce sexual exploitation of children for the creation and distribution of abuse imagery; reduce the number of children sexually abused; and prevent further abuse of previously abused children.

Increasing Access to and Modernising Child Development Services to Improve the Health and Social Outcomes of Children with Additional Needs

$35 million operating
This initiative improves the health and social outcomes of children who are not meeting their developmental milestones (owing to to neurodisabilities, like autism, physical or sensory impairments or other factors) and have additional needs.

KickStart and KidsCan: Continuing to Improve Child Wellbeing

$3.2 million operating
This initiative continues funding for the KickStart Breakfast Programme and for KidsCan. The funding will also allow an impact evaluation of a KidsCan pilot programme in early childhood education centres.

Oho Ake: Expanding the Programme to Prevent Offending by Tamariki and Rangatahi in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

$1 million operating
This initiative is part of the Budget package Hāpaitia te Oranga Tangata, and aims to expand the scope of Oho Ake to prevent offending by tamariki and rangatahi in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Well Child Tamariki Ora: Maintaining the Universal Health Service for Children and Their Families from Birth to Five Years

$10 million operating
This initiative provides for the continuation of the Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) programme, which ensures universal health services for children and their families from birth to five years to improve child wellbeing outcomes.

The Child Poverty Reduction Act 2018: Achieving a Significant and Sustained Reduction in Child Poverty in New Zealand

Non-spending initiative
This initiative will help achieve reductions in child poverty by encouraging a greater focus on child poverty reduction, facilitating political accountability against published targets, requiring transparent reporting on child poverty levels (including as part of Budget reporting under the Public Finance Act), and creating a greater commitment by Government to address child wellbeing.

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