The Wellbeing Budget

Improving child wellbeing

Initiatives: A fairer welfare system

Incomes for People Receiving Benefits: Implementation

$4.7 million operating
This initiative is for the implementation of Budget initiative “Incomes for people receiving benefits – indexing main benefits, removing deductions and changing abatement thresholds”.

Incomes for People Receiving Benefits: Indexing Main Benefits, Removing Deductions and Changing Abatement Thresholds

$530.4 million operating
This initiative provides funding to: increase all main benefits each year by the rate of increase of the net average wage; remove deductions currently applied under the Social Security Act 2018 to the benefit rate of sole parents because they have not identified the other parent and/or applied for Child Support; and allow for an increase in the amount that beneficiaries can earn before their benefit reduces (abates).

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