The Wellbeing Budget

Investing in New Zealand

Initiatives: Justice and democratic institutions that work for all New Zealanders

Alleviating Depreciation Cost Pressures in the Justice System Owing to Revaluation of Property

$8.8 million operating
This initiative funds increased depreciation costs resulting from the previous financial year's revaluation of properties.

Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal

$3.4 million operating
The Government intends to establish a tribunal to resolve remaining Canterbury earthquakes insurance claims more quickly, fairly and cheaply. This initiative provides funding for the operation of the Tribunal in the 2019/20 fiscal year.

Enhancing Court Security

$32.4 million operating
This initiative aims to mitigate risks associated with the safety of all court users across New Zealand, prevent damage to property and enable court proceedings to be delivered in a safe and timely manner. This will be achieved by providing funding to maintain the current level of court security personnel across New Zealand's court system.

Ensuring the Stable Delivery of New Zealand's Electoral System and Providing Enrolment Services on Election Day

$75.6 million operating
This initiative maintains voter confidence in a secure, transparent and impartial electoral system and delivers more accurate election results by providing accessible enrolment and voting services for all eligible and potential voters, including supporting the Electoral Commission to introduce a new service for election day enrolment.

Ensuring the Sustainability of the District Court by Appointing Additional District Court Judges

$65.5 million operating
$4.4 million capital

This initiative aims to maintain public access to justice within the District Court. This will be achieved by providing funding to appoint more District Court judges to manage the court's increased workload. The funding will also cover the additional justice sector staff needed to ensure additional judges can operate effectively.

Free Community Legal Services: Continuing to Help Improve Access to Justice

$8.7 million operating
This initiative provides funding for Community Law Centres to meet wage and other cost pressures.

Human Rights Review Tribunal: Increasing Access to Justice for People Whose Human Rights May Have Been Breached

$6 million operating
This initiative provides funding to appoint Deputy Chairpersons to the Tribunal who can hear and determine more people's claims.

Legal Aid: Continuing to Fund Legal Advice and Representation for People Who Need Legal Services

$38.8 million operating
The legal aid scheme ensures access to legal assistance for people who have insufficient means. This will be achieved by providing payments to approved providers for people who meet the eligibility criteria for legal aid.

Maintaining the Capability of the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

$1.4 million operating
This initiative aims to maintain public confidence in the Intelligence Agencies by providing effective monitoring, reviewing and reporting on the actions of the agencies to ensure they are acting lawfully.

Offenders in the Community: Retaining Safe and Effective Community-Based Sentences and Orders

$77.9 million operating
This initiative provides safe and effective alternatives to imprisonment through community-based sentences and orders by funding cost pressures, including: increased use of electronic monitoring; increased demand for intensive monitoring for the highest risk offenders in the community; and collective wage pressures.

Referendum on the Legalisation of Cannabis

$13.4 million operating
This initiative funds the Electoral Commission to engage and communicate with the public on participation in the referendum process.

Restoring a Safe and Effective Prison Network

$112.8 million operating
This initiative will restore a safe, effective and quality prison network by funding cost pressures, including remand resourcing pressures, costs for activating and transitioning to new capacity and collective wage pressures under negotiation.

Restoring the Human Rights Commission's Ability to Respond to Human Rights Issues

$6.9 million operating
This initiative improves Commissioner support and internal capabilities. Funding also provides additional resource to respond to increased demand for mediation and Office of Human Rights Proceedings services and significant inquiries.

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