The Wellbeing Budget

Investing in New Zealand

Initiatives: Supporting our communities

Benefits for Recent Migrants: Continuing Current Residency Requirements

$17.5 million operating
This initiative supports migrants to access financial support.

Community Service Providers: Supporting Social Service Delivery

$24.9 million operating
This initiative aims to support the sustainability of community service providers contracted by MSD. This will be done through additional funding to reflect increasing business costs.

Disabled People: Improving Wellbeing Through Strategic Support and Advocacy

$6.5 million operating This initiative provides funding to increase the capacity of the Disabled People’s Organisations coalition to more effectively engage with government on policy development and progress the New Zealand Disability Strategy and Disability Action Plan and to increase the capacity and capability of MSD’s Office for Disability Issues.

Improving Consumer Protection Under the Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act 2003

$16 million operating
This initiative increases the Commerce Commission’s level of credit enforcement, education and advocacy to an appropriate level to support the legislative changes.

Increasing New Zealand’s Investment to Deliver on the Pacific Reset and to Demonstrate Global Leadership

$128.5 million operating
This initiative will help address regional and global challenges. This will be done through providing funding for: playing a greater role in the Pacific, including addressing critical infrastructure needs; working with multilateral agencies in the Pacific and globally; increasing humanitarian assistance; and increasing support globally for effective governance, peace building and stability.

Insurance Claims Resolution: Continuing to Help Resolve Homeowners’ Insurance Claims Following Disasters

$20.6 million operating
This initiative continues help for people whose homes have been affected by disasters, like the Christchurch and Kaikoura earthquakes, to resolve their home insurance claims.

Ministry of Social Development: Increasing Case Management at the Front Line

$76.3 million operating
This initiative will allow case managers to provide more regular support to clients, deliver more effective employment services and ensure other initiatives are able to be delivered by funding 170 additional MSD staff (in 2019/20).

Residential Earthquake Prone Building Financial Assistance Scheme

$13.3 million operating
$10 million capital

This initiative aims to make assistance available to owner-occupiers or investors in, or facing, hardship that own units in multi-unit multi-storey residential earthquake-prone buildings in high seismic risk areas. This will be done through providing funding for a suspensory loan scheme.

Superannuation: Increasing Incomes for Weekly Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Claimants at or Near Superannuation Qualification Age

$9.1 million operating
This initiative aims to raise the incomes of older workers who get injured by providing funding for additional costs arising from legislative changes that will mean more people will receive superannuation.

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