The Wellbeing Budget

Supporting Māori and Pasifika aspirations

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A boost for Whānau Ora

Whānau wellbeing is at the heart of this year's Budget for Māori. When whānau succeed so will hapū, iwi, Māori and Pacific communities throughout Aotearoa.

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Whānau Ora supports tino rangatiratanga and mana of whānau by empowering them to self-determine their needs, aspirations and desired outcomes.

The Whānau Ora Review concluded that Whānau Ora creates positive change for whānau and the conditions for these changes to be sustainable. The Review recommendations are reflected in this year's wellbeing package for Whānau Ora.

Whānau Ora Minister Peeni Henare says the independent review of Whānau Ora highlights important opportunities to develop Whānau Ora into the future. The Wellbeing Budget commits $80 million over four years to expand the coverage and impact of Whānau Ora. This includes increased commissioning activities to provide greater support to whānau, and support for improved localised decision-making and accountability.

Investment in the current commissioning approach will be increased, alongside the development of innovative localised commissioning options, to ensure Whānau Ora continues to be responsive to the needs and aspirations of whānau in particular communities.

The Budget also provides investment to provide professional development pathways for Whānau Ora Navigators. Further, the Budget package will increase Te Puni Kōkiri funding to facilitate engagement and foster greater support for Whānau Ora across Government.

"My vision for Whānau Ora is that it supports whānau to achieve their aspirations, that it is appropriately supported across government agencies, and that whānau are able to play a key role in local decision making regarding Whānau Ora support." Peeni Henare says.

Whānau Ora is about empowering whānau to make decisions for themselves and providing support services to ensure that happens. Whānau Ora is also about shifting the way government agencies operate to include whānau-centred approaches that focus on better outcomes for our Māori and Pacific communities.

Whānau Ora for better health outcomes

Primary care is the gateway into the health and disability system. But the system does not work for everyone.

Māori and Pacific peoples are hospitalised at a far greater rate than other ethnicities. Together they comprise approximately 22 per cent of the population but make up over 60 per cent of avoidable hospitalisations. Many of these admissions could be prevented or could have been treated earlier in primary care.

Budget 2019 allocates $1 million this year to research how a whānau-centred approach to primary healthcare can improve health outcomes for Māori and Pacific peoples. Te Puni Kōkiri will partner with the Ministry of Health and Whānau Ora providers working in the health sector to design the initiative.

"Identifying and developing a whānau-centred approach to our primary healthcare can improve the wellbeing of Māori and Pacific peoples, and may allow primary healthcare providers to deliver the support required to make positive and enduring changes in the lives of whānau," Peeni Henare says.

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