The Wellbeing Budget

Supporting Māori and Pasifika aspirations

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Lifting Māori and Pacific incomes, skills and opportunities


Major boost for Whānau Ora, including a focus on health and reducing reoffending

Ensuring te reo Māori and Pacific languages survive and thrive

An additional 2,200 young people in the Pacific Employment Support Service

A $12m programme targeting rheumatic fever

Hei wakaritenga mai hoki tenei mo te wakaaetanga ki te Kawanatanga o te Kuini – Ka tiakina e te Kuini o Ingarani nga tangata maori katoa o Nu Tirani ka tukua ki a ratou nga tikanga katoa rite tahi ki ana mea ki nga tangata o Ingarani.

This is article three of Te Tiriti. Signed in 1840, it promises to Māori the same rights as British citizens: Oritetanga, or equality.

As a Government we have committed to doing things differently. To challenge the status quo. Because for Māori and Pacific communities, the status quo does not work. The status quo does not mean equality for Māori, nor does it mean equality for Pacific peoples.

We want to strive for more.

That is why this Government has made Māori and Pacific peoples' aspirations a priority for Budget 2019. This Wellbeing Budget puts in place measures that address the gaps between Māori and non-Māori, and Pacific and non-Pacific peoples.

In Budget 2019 our focus is on ways to give Māori and Pacific peoples more scope to lift their own wellbeing. This includes the wellbeing of whānau, language, communities, economic and social wellbeing and the wellbeing of future generations.

This Budget shows that when we work together in a partnership, when Māori and Pacific communities set their own wellbeing goals and aspirations, and when we as a Government use our levers to change the system and help Māori and Pacific peoples achieve those aspirations – that equality can start to be a reality.

We can change the status quo, by taking a whānau-centred approach to wellbeing, working collaboratively across government, by harnessing Māori potential, celebrating Māori culture, embracing Pacific values and co-designing initiatives with Māori and Pacific communities.

We can improve wellbeing. We can and we will bring about true equality for all.

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