The Wellbeing Budget

Supporting Māori and Pasifika aspirations

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Initiatives: Supporting our Pacific communities

Enhancing Pacific Economic Development by Transforming the Pacific Business Trust

$11.2 million operating
This initiative will increase the capability and capacity of the Pacific Business Trust to deliver a wider range of business-facing services, including mentoring, training and marketing research and advice, to a larger cohort of Pacific businesses.

Ensuring Pacific Languages Survive in New Zealand's Pacific Communities

$20 million operating
The initiative will support Pacific languages to survive in New Zealand through investment in education, research and community engagements.

Expanding the Pacific Employment Support Service to Reduce the Rate of Pacific Young People Not in Employment, Education or Training

$14.5 million operating
This initiative aims to decrease the rate of Pacific young people not in employment, education or training, by expanding the Pacific Employment Support Service in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Improving and Accelerating Education Outcomes for Pacific Learners

$27.4 million operating
This initiative will be realised by partnering with communities to focus on achieving Pacific outcomes, growing the cultural competency of the workforce, and providing opportunities to learn in Pacific languages.

Increasing Investment in Pacific Innovation Funds to Improve Pacific Health Outcomes

$9.8 million operating
This initiative improves Pacific health outcomes and reduces inequities by supporting the development of innovative Pacific initiatives, including sharing evidence-based Pacific models of care.

Increasing the Pacific Provider and Workforce Development Fund (PPWDF) to Support a Pacific Workforce Pipeline

$10 million operating
This initiative will contribute to improving Pacific health outcomes by increasing the Pacific health workforce.

Reducing the Incidence and Improving the Management of Rheumatic Fever

$12 million operating
This initiative provides funding for programmes to improve access to primary care for rheumatic fever prevention and management among Māori and Pacific people in the Auckland region.

Senior Diverse Leaders: Specialised Pacific Skills, Leadership and Talent Pipeline Capability-Building Pilot

$1.4 million operating
$0.021 million capital

This initiative aims to ensure that Pacific peoples in New Zealand's public sector workforce are supported to play an active role in the delivery of the Government's economic strategy, through providing funding for a specialised Pacific skills, leadership and talent pipeline capability-building pilot focused on identifying, enabling and delivering systems-change opportunities across public sector administration agencies.

Supporting Pacific Households into Home Ownership through Financial Capability Services

$2.6 million operating
This initiative funds targeted financial capability services with information about the practicalities of buying a home, opportunities and assistance available, to help Pacific people save for a deposit and the knowledge to keep ownership over time.

Support Programme for Pacific Students to Successfully Complete a Nursing/Midwifery Undergraduate Degree

$4.3 million operating
This initiative aims to increase the Pacific nursing and midwifery workforces to improve Pacific health outcomes, and lift Pacific employment.

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