The Wellbeing Budget

Taking mental health seriously

Initiatives – Investing in social determinants of mental health

Disabled People and People with Health Conditions: Improving Employment and Wider Wellbeing Outcomes

$26.3 million operating
This initiative aims to support an additional 2,600 disabled people and people with health conditions, including those with mental health needs, to find and stay in meaningful employment, increase their knowledge and skills, and improve their health and wider wellbeing.

Housing Support Products: Expansion to Help More People Access and Maintain Tenancies

$18.9 million operating
This initiative will help minimise the risk of homelessness. This will be done through providing an increased amount of funding for Housing Support Products, as well as introducing a new rent arrears payment.

Maintaining and Strengthening the Housing First Programme as a Response to Ending Homelessness

$197 million operating
This initiative aims to ensure we can continue to improve the social and housing outcomes of chronically homeless people.

Promoting and Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Veterans and their Families

$2.1 million operating
$2 million capital

This funding will support the provision of a modern and responsive service to meet statutory obligations in response to the Independent Review of the Operations of the Veterans Support Act 2014.

Transitional Housing: Funding for the Continued Provision of Transitional Housing to Support Those in Need

$149.2 million operating
$134.2 million capital

This initiative aims to improve housing and social outcomes by reducing homelessness through the provision of warm, dry and safe short-term accommodation for individuals and families in insecure housing through the transitional housing programme.

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