The Wellbeing Budget

Taking mental health seriously

Initiatives – Supporting mental health within the justice sector

Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court: Operational Support 2019/20

$0.7 million operating
This initiative funds the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODT Court) so it will continue operating with dedicated police prosecutors, court co-ordinators and lawyer team leaders at the two pilot sites (Auckland and Waitakere) until it ends on 30 June 2020.

Increasing Access to Mental Health and Addiction Support

$124.4 million operating
$3.9 million capital

This initiative is part of the Budget package supporting the Hāpaitia te Oranga Tangata – Safe and Effective Justice programme. This will improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of vulnerable people in Corrections’ care by providing funding for mental health and addiction interventions.

Support for Victims: Ensuring Safe and Effective Justice and Improved Mental Health Outcomes

$6.2 million operating
This initiative forms part of a package of initiatives supporting the justice sector Hāpaitia te Oranga Tangata – safe and effective justice programme. The initiative aims to ensure we have a justice system that responds safely and effectively to victims of homicide and improves the mental health and other outcomes of victims.

Te Ara Oranga: Continuing the Methamphetamine Harm Reduction Programme in Northland

$4 million operating
This initiative supports people addicted to methamphetamine, and their whānau, to recover and maintain wellbeing. This will be done through contributing funding to the continuation of Te Ara Oranga, a methamphetamine harm reduction programme in the Northland region.

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