The Wellbeing Budget

Building a productive nation

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Supporting a thriving nation in the digital age through innovation, social and economic opportunities


Bridging the venture capital gap, with a $300m fund so start-ups can grow and succeed

$106m injection into innovation to help New Zealand transition to a low‑carbon future

Nearly $200m set aside for vocational education reforms to boost apprenticeships and trade training

Opportunities for apprenticeships for nearly 2,000 young people through Mana in Mahi

The Government wants New Zealanders to thrive in the digital age.

This requires industries and businesses to innovate and adopt cutting-edge technology that offers productivity and job benefits. It also means New Zealanders will need to acquire new skills to take advantage of the opportunities in the changing job market.

Our Coalition Government also wants to make sure all New Zealanders can take advantage of the opportunities available through digital technology. New Zealanders need the chance to share in the opportunities provided by the digital age by both increasing the availability of technology and programmes for people to acquire the skills required to use it.

New Zealanders are innovative. The Government wants to foster that innovation and encourage smaller start-ups to expand, which will in turn help improve New Zealand's productivity, wages and drive export growth.

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