The Wellbeing Budget

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Initiatives: Delivering national statistics and enhanced wellbeing data

Addressing Learners' Needs by Improving Data Quality, Availability, Timeliness and Capability

$45.8 million operating
$1.6 million capital

This initiative provides a data system that enables a joined-up approach to data about student progress and learning support needs throughout schooling.

New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings: Complete the 2018 Census and Commence the 2023 Census

$16.1 million operating
This initiative ensures Stats NZ completes 2018 Census products and services, and funds the first year of fundamental work required to deliver the next census in 2023. Stats NZ will bid in Budget 2020 to fund the remainder of the programme.

Stats NZ: Maintaining Statistical Products and Services, Data Services and Data System Leadership

$136.5 million operating
This initiative ensures Stats NZ can maintain current products and services by covering a growing shortfall in operating expenditure owing to cost and demand pressures and a declining nominal baseline.

Supporting Evidence-Based Policy on Child Wellbeing by Continuing the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) Study

$17.1 million operating
This initiative aims to enhance children's social, educational and health outcomes through improving the evidence base for policy interventions for children and families. This will be done by providing funding to continue the GUiNZ data collection when the study-children turn 11 years old. This child-centred longitudinal data will be used to inform the proposed Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

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