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Initiatives: A secure digital nation

Computer Emergency Response Team: New Zealand Cyber Security Funding

$8.7 million operating
$0.6 million capital

This initiative aims to ensure the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) New Zealand is adequately funded to fulfil its Cabinet-mandated functions.

Computers in Homes

$1 million operating
This initiative continues funding for a Computers in Homes-type programme that will provide devices, training, technical support and support for home internet connectivity to learners and their families.

Digital Literacy Training for Seniors

$0.6 million operating
This initiative supports seniors to adapt to changing technology, engage fully in the community and the workplace, and access digital information and services. This will be done by providing funding for nationwide digital literacy training for seniors.

Government Chief Digital Officer: Supporting the Government's Digital Transformation

$27.6 million operating
This initiative ensures the Government's digital transformation continues. This will be done by supporting delivery of innovative government services through the Government Digital Partnership Innovation Fund and providing additional funding for the Government Chief Digital Officer.

Implementation of the Cyber Security Strategy 2019

$8 million operating
This initiative supports New Zealand's response to the growing scope, scale and sophistication of cyber threats.

Investment in Cyber Security

$1 million operating
This funding will enable a lift in cyber security capability to meet the expectations of customers and to protect systems from external threats.

SuperGold Card: Improving Financial Wellbeing Through Better Access to Discounts and Concessions

$7.7 million operating
This initiative provides funding to improve access to SuperGold information and discounts, through the development of a mobile app, enhanced SuperGold website and increased promotion of the SuperGold Card and associated discounts.

Supporting the Operation of RealMe

$57.1 million operating
$9 million capital

This initiative provides funding to continue the operation of RealMe, which provides a secure way for New Zealanders to access a range of online services and prove their identity.

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