Data Library

Quick access to the MS Excel, MS Word and PDF files containing data from tables and charts in Budget documents and the interactive charts appearing in this Budget site.

Estimates of Appropriations Data

Estimates of Appropriations 2020/21: Revenue
XLSX, 102 KB
Estimates of Appropriations 2020/21: Expenses
XLSX, 841 KB
Explanatory information is in the intro sheets of each Excel file. Or see Budget data from the Estimates of Appropriations 2019/20.
Estimates of Appropriations 2020/21: Summary Tables
Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations 2019/20: Summary Tables
Explanatory notes for the Summary Tables: Summary Tables for the Estimates of Appropriations 2020/21 and Summary Tables for the Supplementary Estimates of Appropriations 2019/20.

Economic and Fiscal Updates Data

Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2020: Charts and Data
Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2020: Data - Core Crown Expense Tables
Read the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2020
Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update 2019: Charts and Data

Fiscal Strategy Data

Fiscal Strategy Model - BEFU 2020 Update
See Fiscal Strategy Model for the Projection Assumptions out to 2030/31 and other explanatory information.
Budget Policy Statement 2020: Charts and data
Read the Budget Policy Statement 2020 published on 12 December 2019.

Interactive Chart Data

Budget 2020 Site: Chart data
Data for charts appearing in The Welbeing Budget, Forecast accuracy and the Guide to New Zealand Budgeting Practices.
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