Wellbeing Budget 2021

Our Recovery


One of these systems is the planning system under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Budget 2021 provides significant funding for the comprehensive reform of the resource management system to ensure it enhances housing supply and boosts economic development while protecting the environment. The Government is investing $131.8 million in the design, enactment, transition, and initial implementation of the reforms through to mid-2024. This strong commitment to funding the reforms will allow them to be effectively delivered, something that did not happen when the RMA was originally implemented.

Once enacted, the new Natural and Built Environments Act and Spatial Planning Act are expected to protect and restore the natural environment, while better enabling development and respecting environmental constraints. This would result in a more efficient and effective resource management system that gives effect to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and provides greater recognition of te ao Māori. The new Climate Adaptation Act will focus on managed retreat and work towards reducing the risk posed by climate change to communities and assets by strategically moving them away from at-risk areas.

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