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Foreign Affairs

Our Place in Antarctica - Redevelop Scott Base to Maintain a Safe Presence in Antarctica to Conduct High-Quality Science

This initiative provides funding for the redevelopment of Aotearoa New Zealand's existing infrastructure in Antarctica, which is at the end of its life and continues to deteriorate.

This will ensure that Aotearoa New Zealand maintains its 64-year permanent presence in Antarctica and that Scott Base remains a place where scientists can conduct world-class science safely and effectively. Of great importance is their research to understand how climate change impacts Antarctica, and the flow-on impacts to Aotearoa New Zealand and the rest of the world. High-quality science underpins leadership in the Antarctic Treaty System. As a geographical neighbour and claimant country, Aotearoa New Zealand has a strong interest in the Antarctic Treaty System continuing to be an effective body for management and governance in the region.

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Foreign Affairs 2.000 6.000 13.000 22.000 43.000 306.000
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