Wellbeing Budget 2022

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Detailed breakdown of initiatives by Vote

This section provides the titles, descriptions and funding amounts of each initiative, organised by Vote. In each case it also includes a reference to the volume of the 2022/23 Estimates of Appropriations in which additional information on each Vote can be found.

How to read the tables in the Annex

This section outlines the key components included for each initiative. The Estimates of Appropriations provide information to Parliament on the expenses and capital expenditure the Government plans to incur for the upcoming financial year. The Estimates are organised into nine volumes that can be referred to for supporting information on the Vote. Related appropriations are grouped within ‘Votes' (eg, Vote Health includes all health-related appropriations administered by the Ministry of Health).

Estimates volumes and votes in each volume
Estimates Vote
Volume 1 - Economic Development and Infrastructure Sector Building and Construction
Business, Science and Innovation
Volume 2 - Education and Workforce Sector Education
Tertiary Education
Education Review Office
Labour Market
Volume 3 - External Sector Customs
Defence Force
Foreign Affairs
Volume 4 - Finance and Government Administration Sector Audit
Communications Security and Intelligence
Internal Affairs
Office of the Clerk
Parliamentary Service
Prime Minister and Cabinet
Public Service
Security Intelligence
Volume 5 - Health Sector Health
Volume 6 - Justice Sector Attorney-General
Parliamentary Counsel[19]
Serious Fraud
Volume 7 - Māori Affairs Sector Māori Development
Te Arawhiti
Volume 8 - Natural Resources Sector Agriculture, Biosecurity, Fisheries and Food Safety
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment[21]
Volume 9 - Social Services and Community Sector Arts, Culture and Heritage
Sport and Recreation
Housing and Urban Development
Oranga Tamariki
Pacific Peoples
Social Development

How to read an Initiatives table

The Summary of Initiatives annex, containing the full titles, descriptions and funding amounts of each initiative, organised by Vote, has been included as a downloadable PDF file.

Download the Summary of Initiatives (PDF 1.8 MB)

Accessible version

Only the introduction of this section has been prepared in HTML. If you require an accessible version, please contact [email protected] and cite "B22 Summary of Initiatives" as a reference.


  1. [19] Vote Parliamentary Counsel is not part of the Justice cluster.
  2. [20] Vote Lands is not part of the Natural Resources cluster.
  3. [21] Vote Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is not part of the Natural Resources cluster.
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