Health Portfolio - Budget 2022 Information Release

Documents in this section relate to the Health Portfolio.

Budget 2022 Information Release
Published: 11 August 2022
Will also be published on the Treasury website, which will be the permanent repository for this release material. Material will be withdrawn from this Budget website in May 2023.

See Information Withheld from Documents on the Budget 2022 Information Release home page, or the cover page in each PDF file, for an explanation of why deletions may have been made to some of these documents.

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Documents Released 11 August 2022

Documents Released 11 August 2022
Doc. Date Creator Title
26 Apr 2022The TreasuryLetter: Budget 2022: Sharing Final Funding Decisions with the Chairs of Health New Zealand and Te Mana Hauora Māori (PDF 263KB)
12 Apr 2022The TreasuryFinancial Recommendations: Vote Health - Technical Recommendations (PDF 251KB)
12 Apr 2022The TreasuryFinancial Recommendations: Vote Health - Significant Recommendations (PDF 576KB)
28 Mar 2022The TreasuryAnnex to Briefing Note: Joint Ministers 28 March - Budget 22 Update - Review of Health New Zealand's Initial Draft Budget and Implications of Final Budget Funding Decisions (PDF 292KB)
23 Mar 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/647: Budget 2022 Health package: Sharing indicative funding decision with Pharmac (PDF 283KB)
8 Mar 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/355: Treasury Report: Making a safe move to multi-year funding for Vote Health (PDF 341KB)
4 Mar 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/286: Budget 2022 - Advice on Health Capital Investments (PDF 293KB)
2 Mar 2022The TreasuryLetter: Budget 2022 – Financial Planning Assumptions to support entity planning and budgeting (PDF 298KB)
1 Mar 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/410: Follow up advice on Budget 2022 Vote Health new investment package (PDF 282KB)
24 Feb 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/328: Vote Health Budget 2022 - follow up to Bilateral (PDF 330KB)
10 Feb 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/215: Budget 2022 Health Bilateral: Emerging Health Transitional Package (PDF 1039KB)
20 Jan 2022The TreasuryBilateral Briefing T2022/47: Communicating Planning Parameters to the Health System (PDF 693KB)
26 Oct 2021Cabinet OfficeCabinet Minute CAB-21-MIN-0430: Report of the Cabinet Social Wellbeing Committee: Period Ended 22 October 2021 (PDF 208KB)
22 Oct 2021Minister of FinanceLetter: Budget 2022 Invitation Letter - Little - Health (PDF 280KB)
20 Oct 2021Cabinet OfficeCabinet Minute SWC-21-MIN-0157: Health and Disability System Reform: National Budget and Funding Settings (PDF 197KB)
14 Oct 2021Office of the Minister of Finance, Office of the Minister of HealthCabinet Paper SWC-21-SUB-0157: Health and Disability System Reform - national budget and funding settings (PDF 1625KB)
30 Jul 2021The TreasuryJoint Report T2021/1579: Joint Report: Health Reform - A Multi-Year Approach to Health Funding (PDF 474KB)
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