Justice Portfolio - Budget 2023 Information Release

Documents in this section relate to the Justice Portfolio.

Budget 2023 Information Release
Published: 12 July 2023
Will also be published on the Treasury website, which will be the permanent repository for this release material. Material will be withdrawn from this Budget website in May 2024.

See Information Withheld from Documents on the Budget 2023 Information Release home page, or the cover page in each PDF file, for an explanation of why deletions may have been made to some of these documents.

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Documents Released 12 July 2023

Documents Released 12 July 2023
Doc. Date Creator Title
11 Apr 2023The TreasuryFinancial Recommendations: Vote Justice - Significant Recommendations (PDF 325KB)
11 Apr 2023The TreasuryFinancial Recommendations: Vote Justice- Technical Recommendations (PDF 288KB)
27 Feb 2023The TreasuryAide Memoire T2023/300: Budget 2023 funding for Cluster agencies (PDF 230KB)
14 Dec 2022The TreasuryTreasury Report T2022/2637: Justice Cluster: Inflationary Pressures (PDF 435KB)
4 Nov 2022Minister of FinanceLetter: Allan - Justice (PDF 252KB)
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