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Nau mai ki te Tātaitai Tāke Tahua 2024

Let's work out how much you, or your family, will be better off from this Budget's tax package.

Takes about 1 minute

About this calculator

We only ask for information about:

  • Your annual income (before tax)
  • Your partner’s annual income (before tax)
  • Whether you receive NZ Super
  • Ages of your dependent children
  • Early childhood education costs (fortnightly).

The calculator does not ask for personal identifying information. The calculations are worked out and displayed in your own browser. No information is sent to this site (operated by the Treasury). See the Privacy statement for more information.

Calculator results may be slightly different to other government agencies’ calculations. These differences can arise due to rounding methods and the information collected.

The calculator works for most people’s situations. However, it does not cover people receiving benefits, student allowance, or the Minimum Family Tax Credit and it does not take into account eligibility that varies over the year.

Do you receive a benefit or student allowance?

Those receiving a benefit or student allowance are not covered by this calculator. See further information on the impact of the tax package for people receiving:

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