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This Budget site has been developed using principles of responsive design to optimise the site for a variety of web browsers. You should be able to view all important website content on a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you are having trouble viewing the site, please contact us for help.

The Treasury has endeavoured to conform with the New Zealand government's web accessibility and usability standards, as well as the World Wide Web Consortium's WCAG 2.0 standard where applicable.

HTML versions of Budget 2018 documents with tables marked up for accessibility are published on the Treasury website .

Technologies used in this site


This site uses JavaScript to display the interactive charts. If you have JavaScript turned off in your browser, the charts may not display correctly and will not be interactive. This includes the chart download function.

Downloadable documents

This site provides downloadable documents in three formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

If you cannot view a PDF document, please download Adobe PDF Reader from the Adobe website. This is free software.

If you cannot view a Microsoft Word or Excel file, please contact us to arrange an alternate version that you can view.

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