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Introducing FamilyBoost

FamilyBoost is a new childcare payment that will be available to low-to-middle-income families with children aged 5 and under, to help with the costs of early childhood education (ECE).

From 1 July 2024, parents and caregivers will be eligible for a partial reimbursement of their ECE fees, up to a maximum fortnightly payment of $150. Reimbursements will be made quarterly, as a lump sum. The first payments will therefore be made from October.

Parents and caregivers can get back up to 25 per cent of their ECE fees, after the 20 Hours ECE and MSD Childcare Subsidy have been taken into account, up to the $150 maximum.

This maximum payment slowly reduces for family incomes over $140,000 per annum. Families with incomes over $180,000 per annum are not eligible for FamilyBoost.

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