Budget 2024

Fiscal Strategy Report 2024
Te Rautaki Moni TÅ«matanui

Annex 4 - Government goals and wellbeing objectives

Section 26KB of the Public Finance Act requires the Government to explain, in the fiscal strategy report, how wellbeing objectives have guided the Government's Budget decisions.

As stated in the Budget Policy Statement, the Government's overarching goals for its term of office are to:

  • Build a stronger, more productive economy that lifts real incomes and increases opportunities for New Zealanders.
  • Deliver more efficient, effective and responsive public services to all who need and use them - in particular, to restore law and order and improve health outcomes and educational achievement.
  • Get the government's books back in order and restore discipline to public spending.

These goals are also the Government's wellbeing objectives, as meeting these objectives is the most important contribution the Government can make to the long-term social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of New Zealanders. They have clearly guided the Government's Budget decisions. For example, Budget 2024 provides net funding increases for justice, health and education, and identifies savings that will help restore discipline to public spending. This Fiscal Strategy Report sets out how the Government intends to get its accounts back into good shape.

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